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Reminiscing Dawn’s pre-abstract art period of portraits

Reminiscing Dawn’s portraits before she started to paint abstract art Dawn has wondered what her paintings would be like if she had not embarked on abstract oil paintings. Her university lecturer, now retired, had remarked why Dawn had not continued … Continue reading

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Beginning a wordpress blog (infographics)

For all my friends who are considering starting a blog of their own. I have been asked quite a lot on how to start a blog, and I have found an excellent infographic on just how to do that. here … Continue reading

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The benefits of blogging vs Facebook

Blogging vs Facebook I started a post on why business blogging is more beneficially than Facebook ¬†and I sourced an excellent infographic for the 10 reasons why. Infographics are wonderful, full of information, a worthwhile and must see visual content … Continue reading

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To Doodle or not?

Helamen is working for globalDoodle as a marketing consultant. He is currently starting up a blog for the website at using a wordpress platform. Why wordpress, because it is a stable platform with plenty of plugins for anything. Doodling … Continue reading

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Can abstract paintings convey the spirit of Christ too?

Realist paintings in the Renaissance ¬†conveyed the biblical story. But can abstract paintings convey the spirit of the Lord in the way they are painted?We believed that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience on this earth, therefore it … Continue reading

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