Helamen’s web design and seo

 Helamen’s Web Design

We have moved to Moonambel Victoria 3478 and currently running a cafe/restaurant, art studio and gallery, and art retreat in the Pyrenees Wine region – Rainbow Gallery Cafe.

I used to work as a web designer located at Wendouree, a suburb of  Ballarat, Victoria 3355 Australia

I can help you to create your own websites for your home and smartphones or business, and drive traffic to your site.

You do not have to learn any coding and only need to add your own text to your websites. It is that simple.

I give you a low cost solution for your website creation, hosting and design to search engine optimisation (SEO) personally or over the web.

But building a website and getting the right keywords and optimising the search for Google, does not drive the traffic to your site in 2013.

You need to create a great social network.

There are many ways to get noticed, search on net for articles for these.

Better still, let me help you.

I offer good net solutions at very low affordable cost, DIY or let me do it for you.

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