Catch Jackie M over the Rainbow at Moonambel

Don’t forget dinner party with Jackie M on 5th Sept 2015

Jackie M will be hosting a Malaysian “street food” dinner at Rainbow Gallery, Moonambel at 7pm

Bookings are open 03 54672135 including cooking workshop on the following Sunday morning.
Early bird price of $130 per head with all dinner and wine inclusive. Normally $170 per head.

jackie m in local news

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W.I.P, Portrait

When I saw one of the first portraits , ( posted here 2013),  that I’d painted in over 20 yrs, worn out and fading I decided to give my young friend,  another. I’ve enjoyed painting it very much and had the same opportunity, as I have begun with the chakma people , to use my gift for the benefit of  others  Makes me feel good about it, at this stage of my life. Only have the shirt to finish and some shading on the forehead.


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Guess who are over the Rainbow in Moonambel

Celebrity chef and TV personality Jackie M was over at Rainbow Gallery last Sunday

Jackie M and Dawn made the front page of The Pyrenees Advocate newspaper, highlighting Jackie’s visit to Rainbow Gallery

Jackie M will be hosting a Malaysian dinner party here on September the 5th 2015 at 7pm.
We are so excited to have her here last Sunday to look over the place and meet the winemakers. Her specially prepared food for the night will be paired with Summerfield and Taltarni wines. She was instantly well received by Mark Summerfield and the retail manager of Taltarni winery, Shane Sanger and had a taste of their wines. Jackie M will prepare an elevated Penang street food 5 courses dinner. Jackie M is appearing on Ten TV channel, Everyday Gourmet with Justin Schofield in July and early August in 4 episodes. She is the resident chef on Foxtel Fish and Hunt program in Sydney.

After the dinner party on the Saturday 5 September, she will be giving a laksa cooking class on the Sunday morning, please book early so as not to be disappointed. Jackie M has done numerous  Youtube videos on her cooking lessons in Malaysian street food. She is Australia’s top social media Malaysian personality too with an impressive 1.8 million followers on Google Plus alone. (

.Jackie M with Dawn in the newspaper


advert of Jackie M's dinner party



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The Warrior reworked

Having rediscovered my preferred style of working,  I have reworked  this canvas and have achieved my aim on it  at last. Notice my little visitor on the fence,  I think in his honor the painting should be called Blue bird.


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Coming together nicely.

At last, I have achieved an aim after struggling for weeks, even a  number of year’s,  on  my lost and forgotten vision when I first saw abstract art in my uni days 1993. It was awaken by an artist I saw on twitter from the UK who’s  name escapes me now and a friend pointed me in the way of Ellen Rolli an American artist, who’s work has also been helpful to jog my memory. So I’m really excited about this painting,  it’s been a long time.



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