Secrets of spinning wool

Secrets of spinning wool

Learn how to spin wool in 3 minutes

image of bobbin and wool

A Three minute, proven method to teach anyone my secret of what they need to know to start spinning a fine yarn in sheep’s wool.

Would you like to make your own spun wool jumper?

image of spun wool jumper

Spinning wool digital video lesson in 3 minutes

A Three minute, proven method to teach anyone what they need to know to start spinning a fine yarn in sheep’s wool easily.

Easy download of video lesson straight to your computer for step by step instructions and you will be spinning wool straight away.

Learn how you can be spinning  wool immediately. Don’t let the experts put you off spinning for yourselves!

I taught myself about spinning wool and after nearly a week of struggling, I finally discovered my secrets which I have passed on to my friends who were up and spinning wool for themselves in minutes.

You too, can be spinning wool  my way and you will have success.

“I learned by this method of spinning wool quickly and  easily. ” KH of Melbourne, Australia

I DID It I!!! Not that it looks a lot like wool, more like string in fact but im so pleased i managed to spin at all. And its all thanks to you and your brilliant way of doing it. So all i have to do is spin wool and not string, i hope that will come with practise. So a big thank you and happy spinning. loads of thanks Sue of Devon, England

Easy technique I taught myself when learning to spin wool, shared with my friends and they could spin a fine yarn easily in no time with no slubs.

Do you spin thick or thin with slubs and knots?

This video lesson is quick and easy, and will teach you to spin a fine thread which when plyed will make a 5 or 8 ply in factory spun yarns equivalents with no slubs or knots.

This video lesson teaches you the basics of spinning sheep’s wool but not about the spinning wheel.

My secret will help you spin a fine yarn and not thick and thin with knots.

This video lesson is for beginners or those who can spin already, but want to know how to improve and get a consistent smooth fine yarn easily.

No waiting for weeks for the post to arrive with the video. You can order online and as soon as your orders are confirmed, we will email you this video, and you can replay at your pleasure on your computer.

Click the Paypal Buy Now button to purchase the video.

 Video costs only $10.00

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